How do I set up Arlo Q on Android? This Report applies to:To install Arlo Q in an Android apparatus:

Launch the Arlo program or log into your Arlo accounts at

Harness the + icon or click on Insert Devices .

Harness or click Arlo Q. Select your connection type.

Plug on your Arlo Q.

After the LED starts blinking amber, click or tap Proceed .

Make sure your router title (network SSID) appears under Network Name.

Notice : When the SSID doesn’t show automatically, the router may not broadcasting its SSID.

To learn more about linking to some hidden system, see How can I link my Arlo Q into a concealed Wi-Fi network? . Input the password to your router and click or tap Proceed .

Press and then release the Sync button (situated on the bottom-right when searching at the front of the camera).

Harness or click Continue.

The LED starts massaging blue.An informational site or display telling you how you can scan the QR code together with all the Arlo Q camera screens.

Set the QR code which shows on your own Android apparatus approximately 8 inches in the Arlo Q camera.

After the camera reads the code, it creates a chime sound. Harness or click Yes to affirm the camera created a chime sound.

Notice : In case you don’t year a chime audio, click or tap No.

You’re guided back to Step 6.Once you click or tap Yes, the camera tries to link to a own Wi-Fi system.

When the Wi-Fi system finds the camera, then the camera’s serial number and the time zone where you live display.

Harness or click Continue.Your Arlo system setup is complete. It is possible to see your cameras.