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  • Will Arlo work without the internet?

Most of the Arlo cameras need internet access from downloading the Arlo app to connecting to the Arlo SmartHub or base station to the camera, but Arlo Go is Arlo’s first range of camera which do not need internet access anyhow for storage Arlo Go have local SD card and is battery powered.

  • How many cameras can connect to Arlo?

Arlo base station or SmartHub connects to a maximum of five Arlo cameras at a time, if you want to live stream for the sixth Arlo camera then you have to pause one of the cameras that is actively streaming. Log in to for live streaming of multiple cameras but not more than 5 Arlo cameras that are connected to one Arlo base station or SmartHub.

  • Why is my Arlo not connecting?

Ensure that the electronic device (mobile or computer) and Arlo device are within the range of 3-4.5 meters of your WiFi during the period of installation, setup, and sync. After that camera can place placed anywhere away but should be in the range of a WiFi router.

  • How do I resync my Arlo camera?

To resync your Arlo camera long press for upto 2 seconds to your sync button present on the top of the camera, then relax the button. Wait for the camera to conform syn status by rapid blinking of blue LED on the top of the camera. If the amber LED blinks rather than the blue LED, you need to repeat the synchronization steps.

  • How do I get my Arlo back online?

Arlo camera may be offline because you changed to a new base station or changed your WiFi/internet network. To solve this problem press & release the sync button on the top of the Arlo base station or SmartHub. Arlo camera will resume its normal operation after the internet LED blinks for ten seconds.

  • How do I reconnect my Arlo base station?

To connect the Arlo base station or SmartHub to your internet, connect it to the router directly using an Ethernet cable. Connect the power adaptor to the Arlo base station, do not forget to turn on the base station and electric outlet. Within 2 minutes power LED and internet LED present on the front of the Arlo base station will turn green or blue in case you are using a single-LED base station.

  • How do I fix my Arlo offline?

To troubleshoot your Arlo base station:

  • Check your router security system, if you were previously connected to the internet and cannot connect now.
  • Make sure that the Ethernet cable is safely connected.
  • The power adapter is connected properly.
  • Change the internet connection that directly connects to the router.
  • Power cycle the Arlo base station.
  • Ensure that the DHCP router setting and client list.
  • Make sure the 443 and 80 ports are open to the router.
  • If nothing works then perform a factory setup, details on arlo com support
  • Why does my Arlo device keeps going offline?

This may be because of the obstacles that create poor signals between the Arlo base station or SmartHub. W iFi congestion, metallic items, thick walls, and ceilings between your camera and Arlo base station.

  • Why does my Arlo keep saying getting status?

If your Arlo is stuck and keeps saying “getting status” this is because of a bug that came with the firmware update. Try rebooting the SmartHub or base station and setup the app again by going on to Settings > My Device > base station select> Restart.

For more Faqs about arlo camera visit arlo setup support