Crunch culture has long been derided by gamers and developers alike, as many see it as one of the biggest evils plaguing the modern games industry. “Crunch” is a common practice in game development studios where developers will have to work significant overtime in order to meet deadlines and get a game out on the advertised release date. At it’s worst, these stories include programmers sleeping at their desks and spending days without going home or seeing their families.

Studios that still participate in crunch are often heavily criticised, with one of the most notable cases of the last five years including Rockstar employees having to work 100-hour weeks to finish Red Dead Redemption 2. As such, it wasn’t the wisest move for Callisto Protocol director, Glen Schofield, to send out a tweet that many have interpreted as glorifying and promoting this practice.

In a now deleted tweet, Schofield praised employees for “working 6-7 days a week” and “12-15 hr days” stating that they’ve dealt with “exhaustion, tired, Covid but we’re working”. He makes clear that “nobody’s forcing us”, but the reception has been almost universally negative. Journalist Jason Schreier voiced his opinion in a tweet showing the one Schofield deleted.

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