The Tokyo Game Show is a big event for Japanese publishers, and Konami is one of the biggest that will be attending the show. They’ve already announced their lineup of games to be featured at the event which includes eFootball, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Super Bomberman. What’s intrigued fans the most, though, is the promise of a “mystery game” to be revealed at the show, based on a world-famous game in their library.

The belief from a wide number of fans is that a remake for Silent Hill 2 is on the horizon. This isn’t just baseless speculation though, as there are signs pointing to it. Everything was sparked by series creator, Masahiro Ito, who tweeted “I f**king hate Pyramid Head”, referencing an iconic monster from Silent Hill 2.

This isn’t the first time Ito has spoken out against Konami’s treatment of the character, but this specific tweet has caused fans to speculate that this remake is coming very soon. It has also come out that a Polish studio, Bloober Team, pitched the idea of this remake to Konami due to their long history of horror games like Blair Witch, and The Medium.

The most exciting evidence is a pair of leaks, one from 2018 and one from 2022 that show screenshots of what is assumed to be Silent Hill 2 Remake. The 2018 leaks show proof-of-concept designs that don’t look very impressive, but the more recent leaks show a game that’s seemingly well into development.

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Either way, all will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show, which runs from September 15 to September 18. Konami’s presentation will be taking place on September 16 at 3:30pm JST/4:30pm AEST and presented by voice actor Yuki Kaji.

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