The article will help you to set up your Arlo Pro 3 wire-free security cameras in just four steps. Firstly, we will learn about how to set up your Arlo base station and Arlo Pro camera using the Arlo app. Then, we will learn about how to prepare the cameras and mount them in the optimal location. The setup and installation is a DIY process but if you find it difficult then ask for help by Netgear Arlo Pro Support.

To prep the Arlo Pro 3 wire-free camera initially we need to set up the base station or SmartHub by connecting the ethernet cable from the router. Now plug in the power adapter. Next, download the Arlo app to the mobile phone or computer. Create an Arlo account if you are new to Arlo or login into the existing account. Make sure the mobile phone is connected to the home Wi-Fi network. Then from the Arlo app select Arlo camera wire-free. From there select Arlo Pro 3. Follow the steps shown on the app screen and it will search for the base station or SmartHub for set up. Now you can Name your Arlo SmartHub. It will automatically check for an automatic firmware update.

Now you need to prep the Arlo Pro 3 camera. Start by inserting the batteries in the Arlo Pro 3 camera. Remove the battery door from the camera by pressing the release button at the back of the camera. And inserting the battery with the Arlo logo facing up. Once the battery is in the camera the SmartHub will automatically detect the camera and ask to put the serial number of the camera that you want to install. Create a unique name for the camera to identify later. This will help you identify the camera later without any problem. Repeat the steps for every camera.

You can ask for help at Netgear Arlo Pro support if any issue arises or find difficulties in setting up the camera.

Locating the camera is a crucial step because the location of the camera is placed to give you the best viewing angle and maximum area that is captured. Now you need to find a location for your camera. The location should have a clear viewpoint and have a strong signal.

Attach the mount using the provided mounting screws and other accessories. Position the Arlo camera to take maximum advantage of Arlo Pro 3 160  ͦ rotating angles. The mount allows for easy and convenient mounting in multiple locations.

As your camera is now mounted. Then select continue. The Arlo app will show Arlo Smart’s free 3-month trial page. However, Arlo Smart is the security service provided by Arlo. Which notify whenever motion or sound detects. As well as provides people, animals, vehicles and packages alerts. Gives 30 days of free cloud storage and cloud activity zones.

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