Arlo is a US-based company that is manufacturing all camera’s under highly strict security in Vietnam, giving full privacy and security to the customer is Arlo’s goal. Arlo cameras are 1oo% wife-free, weather resistant with IP65 certificate and LTE mobile HD security. In average data usage of Arlo camera ia 0.85 GB. Here you will get your answer about How can I extend my Arlo camera’s battery life?

On average Arlo camera’s battery life lasts approximately 3-6 months for Arlo wire-free camera.

Depending on the mobile potency Arlo Go battery life lasts approximately 2-3 months.

Whereas, Arlo Q, Q Plus, and Baby do not use batteries.

The contributing factors for the low Arlo camera battery life are as follows:

  • The increasing length i.e more than 5 minutes or the quality of video recordings in your cameras decreases the Arlo battery life as Arlo battery-powered cameras are not meant for uninterrupted recording.
  • The low intensity of light in the location where the Arlo camera is placed also decreases the potency of Arlo battery life due to the activation of infrared sensors in low light.
  • In this case, if the LTE signal strength of Arlo Go is low there is a high chance of a decrease in Arlo battery life.
  • A weak signal from Arlo base station due to the distance between Arlo base station and Arlo wireless camera, firm hinder causing signal problems and weak connection to a smart hub/router/wi-fi because your Arlo camera has to work harder to communicate with the Arlo base station.
  • Extreme weather conditions (<0°C)

Tips and tricks to increase your Arlo camera’s battery life:

  • Update your Arlo system to its latest version.
  • Settings of the battery life should be best and help to enhance the Arlo battery life.
  • LTE signal plays a crucial factor in extending Arlo camera battery life, so the signal should no less than 3 bars strength.
  • Avoid multiple WiFi router placement near the camera.
  • Set the recording system settings to small clips and decrease the length of video recording as long video recording drain out the battery.
  • The distance between Arlo Base station and Arlo camera should no more than 300 feet .i.e. 90 meters.
  • For rechargeable batteries use the batteries provided with the camera to extend the Arlo camera’s battery life. If using Non-rechargeable batteries use the one provided with the camera or use the best quality, genius, and well-known external battery which is suitable as Arlo camera battery.(Arlo)

Arlo Wire-free and Arlo Pro Wire-Free camera’s are designed to update own there own, if  Arlo Base station is connected , have 15% battery life and have power supply. Whereas  at the time of update launches your Arlo camera do not get updated with the latest firmware due to no power backup or power off of Arlo Base station there will be an  automatic update within 24 hours  after there is connection with  Arlo base station and having battery life at least 15%. To minimize camera downtime at day time Arlo updates takes place in the time span of 3.00 a.m to 5.00 a.m.

CAUTION: Never open the battery cap and remove the batteries from the Arlo camera to secure your Arlo camera battery life. Read more at Arlo Support

How can I extend my Arlo camera’s battery life?