Arlo factory reset will restore your electronic device to its original setup same as the manufacturing factory has given you and remove all the updates from your Arlo device. To read more go to arlo factory reset

To factory reset Arlo camera (wireless) and Arlo Q:

  1. Long press the sync button on the camera for up to 15 seconds, till the Arlo camera’s LED blinks in orange light afterward let it go.
  2. Make sure that the camera’s LED blinks orange thrice.
  3. Camera is factory reset, the camera may appear on the Arlo app, but the camera is disabled.
  4. Now you need to add your Arlo camera to the Arlo app.
  5. Make sure the camera is connected to a WiFi network.
  6. Start the Arlo app or log in to from mobile phone or computer.
  7. Click on the Settings.
  8. In the list of Device, Setting page click on Remove Device.
  9. Shut down the Device Setting page.
  10. Open the Device page and click on Add New Device.
  11. Select the camera you want to connect.
  12. Launch the Arlo app again on your device- mobile phone or camera.
  13. Start creating your Arlo account for secure access to the camera.
  14. These instructions are only for Arlo wire-free camera as Arlo Q can directly be connected to WiFi,
  15. Tap on to New System Setup.
  16. Select the Arlo base station only for Arlo wife-free.
  17. Waite till the app automatically discovers the Arlo base station only for Arlo wire-free.
  18. Set wise follow the instruction on-screen by filling in the details to complete Arlo account setup.
  19. Make sure to connect one Arlo camera at a time to the Arlo app.
  20. Now sync the Arlo camera wife-free to Arlo base station, long-press the sync button on the camera for about 2 seconds present on the Arlo base station.
  21. Release the sync button.
  22. Be sure the distance between the Arlo base station and Arlo wire-free camera should be 1 – 3 feet (30 – 100 cm).
  23. Waite for the Arlo base station sync status LED lights green for the confirmation.
  24. Now long-press the sync button for about 2 seconds which is present on the top of the camera, after 2 seconds release the button.
  25. Waite for the Arlo camera’s LED rapidly blinks blue confirming the successful sync between the Arlo camera and the Arlo base station.
  26. Repeat the instruction for connecting the base station to the camera for each camera separately.

If there is any firmware update then the Arlo device’s Power LED rapidly blinks in blue color. Always remember to press and hold the reset button long enough on Arlo camera Q otherwise your Arlo camera is wire-free and Arlo Q won’t reset. This process requires the Arlo Q camera to be online and to have battery power as Arlo Q does not need an Arlo base station and can directly be connected to the WiFi network. To read more visit Arlo Setup